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IntegrateHQ & HubSpot

IntegrateHQ Improves HubSpot.

HubSpot is packed with features. IntegrateHQ can supply the data required to maximize the value your HubSpot users get from those features.

CRM Record Enrichment

IntregrateHQ Enriches HubSpot UI

Consider a situation where your sales team work out of HubSpot and your quote generation team prepares and issues customer quotes using an best of breed industry-specific application. Here are a few ways IntegrateHQ can ensure you sales team stays up to date with customer interactions:

  1. IntegrateHQ can create custom HubSpot Company, Contact, Deal and Ticket properties, as populate those properties with data from quote system.
  2. IntegrateHQ can create CRM timeline events (also known as HubSpot Engagement records) and link them to Company, Contact, Deal and Ticket records.
  3. Create your own HubSpot "CRM Extension" to display a custom quotes "CRM Card" with Contacts in the HubSpot UI. IntegrateHQ can collect and store quote data that is to be displayed on the CRM Card, and make it available for to the HubSpot UI for viewing and analysis
Dynamic CMS Content

HubSpot's HubDB is a powerful way to add dynamic content to your CMS pages. IntegrateHQ can populate your HubDB tables to ensure your customers are browsing your latest content.

Create More Powerful Workflows

HubSpot workflows are great for automating simple data flows that follow the IFTTT (If This Then That) paradigm. Sometimes you need a little more power - for example with IntegrateHQ you can also:

  • Perform computations across a set of records and use the results to update selected records based on logic you define
  • Carry summarized/categorized information from Deal Line Items up to parent Deal properties
  • Perform advanced date math (e.g. add number property value [Payment Grace Days] to date property [Payment Due Date] to determine if a payment is late)
  • ... and much more

Securely Share HubSpot Data

Just as bringing bringing external data into HubSpot can improve the 360 degree view of your HubSpot enabled workforce, pushing data from HubSpot and back to your other key business applications can improve the productivity of users of those applications. Deal closed won? Lets send it to the billing system.

Tim Munro

HubSpot with IntegrateHQ is unstoppable.

Tim Munro, IntegrateHQ

In Brief:

Next Level wooden sign with a street background
  • Enrich HubSpot records with data from other systems or files
  • Push HubSpot data out to other key systems
  • Unparalleled HubSpot API coverage
  • Long running batch processing & light/frequent event processing
  • Integrated data store